Established from an international background, 81Partners utilizes cultural understanding of both Japanese and North American culture to serve as a bridge for Japanese tech companies to introduce their products into the U.S. market. With our strong understanding of Japanese and North American culture, we minimize any miscommunication between companies.

Our proven business strategies has sparked interest across different industries. Our expertise in business development, digital marketing, and business operations helps lead companies to success. We stay innovative and strategic using the most recent solutions for today’s market with a touch of traditional tactics that shouldn’t be neglected.

We provide services tailored to individual needs with emphasis on market entrance, product localization, marketing research, and product distribution.

We work alongside our clients to develop an effective approach to growing their business.


We want to eliminate any sort of uncertainty when entering new markets or expanding your business. We want to serve as a resource for companies to run their ideas through us to allow us to help polish what needs to be polished and replace what needs to be replaced.